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The End is Near!

after PITThe end of the semester, of course! For those who are all ready to graduate and start the rest of your life with a new career, congratulations! For those who still have a couple years, try not to stress about it and keep up the good work.

By the time the new semester starts, you’ll feel as if you’ve been at P.I.T for decades. But if you think about it, these semesters actually go by pretty fast. I can remember when I first started here in August – or September, I can’t really remember – but I thought that it would take forever to finish out my first year. Luckily it flew by! Though I may not be starting another year at P.I.T, I am most certainly grateful for the time I spent here and all the things I learned in classes and about myself.

Just remember to never quit! It may seem like it’s taking a long time to achieve your goals, but once you concentrate on what you really want out of life and your education, there is no time in the world that could stop you and hold you back!

Resume writing

I am certainly not the person you go to if you need help writing your resume because chances are I’ll tell you the wrong thing. Luckily, there is hope for all of us.

Today for my Business Communications class I have a mock interview – not too happy about it either -and we were told to have a cover letter, resume, and thank you letter. Now, I dreaded this because I had no idea how to write any of those things. I put it off and put it off until last night while I was watching “Sleeping Beauty,” it dawned on me that I still had to get that done. So I hopped onto Google and searched for examples of resumes and cover letters. Still, I was confused and probably too focused on the classic Disney movie, but I carried on with my search.resume panic

Finally, I came across a website called All you have to do is choose what type of template you want, fill out the questions and voila, you got yourself a resume! It even gives you starting sentences and phrases to get your mind on a roll thinking about what else you could include about yourself. You can also do your cover letters and thank you letters on this website as well.

Thankfully, I am a dedicated advocate of the Google search, otherwise I would be a sitting duck right about now, complaining to you all about how I don’t have a hope in hell. I strongly advise checking out this website if you are struggling in the resume writing department, it definitely saved me time and a panic attack!

 Editor’s Note: Be sure you work with your Student Services Career Counselors Heather DiLalla in Media ( and Stan Williams in Center City ( for help with your resume, cover letters, and all your job placement assistance!

More money, more problems

The past couple months I have been doing a great job at saving the money I’ve earned here at work, but one day last week someone flipped the switch of my savings mode to shopping mode. I went mad. I tried to make that excuse of “well, summer is coming” but in reality, I’m about 3 months early till the summer time rolls around. I really just wanted to buy new things.spening savings

I wish I could go back to the time where I would have NEVER spent my money, unless I desperately needed to. It’s difficult for a fashion lover like myself to see the spring time clothing starting to show its  fun, flirty and frilly self on the racks and I know I can’t avoid those polka dot bikinis and new gladiator sandals either. Even writing about it makes me beyond ecstatic for that summer sun, midnight fun, and everything in between.

I’m getting off-topic here, let’s get back on track. With more paychecks entering my account, I need to restrain myself or else I’ll be broke. The more money I have, the harder it is not to spend it. The last thing I want is to be in the negatives again – yup, that’s happened. *sigh* Maybe I need to do is start putting money into my savings account, that way I’ll feel as if its 10,000% off limits – technically it is, I mean they don’t calling it your savings account for nothing.

It’s sad to think that I’m a couple days away from turning 20 years old and I can’t even save my money. Practice makes perfect, so if you or someone you know has any helpful tips to saving or budgeting money, I would love to hear it. The more the merrier!

Health Kick

Instructor Taking Exercise Class At GymJust yesterday I signed myself up for the gym. This will be the third time – don’t judge! – but I have been thinking a lot lately, and I really feel like this time will be different. The reason I believe it’ll be different is because I am more than happy with myself right now instead of the usual me nit-picking every flaw I have.

Now you’re all probably thinking “Then why are you signing up for the gym?” Well lucky for you I will answer that obvious question. I joined – again – because it’s now not about getting my numbers real low or to trying to look like the models on the runway. I am doing this because I want to be healthier, and maybe tone my body in the process. I want to improve the body I already have because I am proud of what I’ve got going on, and there’s nothing wrong with giving my internal and external self a little TLC. Everyone was created differently; there is no one out there that is like you, so why not better yourself and become the best you can be?

That’s why I think it is going to work this time around. I am focused and I am determined. Maybe I’ll post about my struggles and my gains because I know for sure I’ll have some of those – hopefully more gains than struggles. We’ll see about that blog topic in a couple weeks, possibly months, but it would be great motivation for me. I definitely do not want to become lazy and then have to talk about why I gave up! Yikes !

Participate, participate, participate!


As you can already tell by reading this title, this post is all about participation!

During my high school years I was very shy when it came to speaking in front of my classmates. Even to this day I get a little timid, but now that I have pretty much grown out of my nervous shell, my hand is the first one to go up when a teacher asks a question or if I need help with a problem. The reason why participation is super important is because if you just sit there and “listen”- and we all know that you’re just pretending to listen while your mind has wandered off topic completely- chances are you’re not going to remember a thing when you step out of that class room. Not even whatever you ended up thinking about while you had your “I’m paying attention” face on. Believe me, my entire high school career I was anxious not to say a peep and it definitely showed in my overall GPA year after year.

So next time you want to answer the questions your teacher is asking you, raise that hand up, girl! (Or boy) Try to remember that if you’re stuck on a problem or a chapter don’t be afraid to ask questions. Doing these things will only help you and will reflect on your next test or paper. And if you’re still struggling, go see a tutor. It’s free, it’s easy to participate in, and you’ll definitely see THAT reflected in your GPA.


The Luck of the Irish

Being the Irish woman that I am, I am always so excited for St. Patrick’s Day to come around! Plus knowing my birthday is 2 days after makes the month of March that much more important! – Not to toot my own horn but, toot toot!st pats

With my whole family being known for our enthusiasm and our, passionate, fun, and extraordinary personalities, we sure represent and show off who we are and why we think Ireland is the best, just as others would for their nationalities.

So, again this year I will be going to the Polish Club in Clifton Heights to watch my dad preform for the roaring crowd of proud Irish men and women. It is always such a thrill to watch because singing has always been a passion of his since he was a “wee lad”- as he would say. The day after that, I will be hopping on the trolley with a bunch of my friends to go to Center City Philadelphia where they will be having their annual St. Patrick’s Parade to celebrate this glorious holiday. We will all raise a pint of Guinness to it being the only day when it’s acceptable to wear green, white and orange all in one outfit. I can’t wait — every year it’s a blast and my bet is that it will be just as amazing this year.

Just cross your fingers that it doesn’t rain on my parade

The Burden of Responsibility


This week I have the opportunity to watch 5 dogs. Yes you heard me correctly: five.

 My sister, her boyfriend, and his family are all on an amazing vacation in Mexico! How lucky are they?! Anyway, I was offered the chance to watch their dogs while they were away, and I was super pumped because I absolutely adore animals. But let’s be honest; I definitely did not prepare very well for it.

 I jumped right to saying yes the day I was asked and from that point on I never even put thought into it. Not until I was there, with these dogs, who were suddenly all my responsibility. And although the dogs are super easy to take care of, my anxiety flies through the roof because I always feel like I forgot something, whether I mistakenly left one outside or forgot to give medicine to the one with allergies. It’s a huge responsibility. And I don’t mind, so much as I just didn’t know how stressful it could be. These dogs are the center of their owners’ life! With 5 of them, I’m a little bit in over my head.

 Nevertheless, I know I can do it; it will just take some getting used to. And let’s face it: the most difficult part isn’t taking care of the dogs – playing with them, walking them, feeding them — it’s pretty basic stuff. The worst part is really the fact that I can’t sleep in my own bed with my big fluffy comfortable blankets; that’s probably the most difficult part of it all.

College Didn’t Just Teach Me Math Skills

Since starting school here at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, I’ve learned a lot about myself. The main thing I’ve learned – in just the past couple weeks – is that I for sure want to be a journalist, whether it’s for a magazine, newspaper, or a broadcast journalist. Writing is what puts my mind at ease and I do truly enjoy it, so why couldn’t I figure that out to begin with?

That’s the second thing I’ve learned: I make situations harder on myself then they actually are. I guess you could call me a curious and complicated cat. Another aspect about myself I figured out was that I am smarter than I thought. I mean I’m an honor student – can I get a HALLELUJAH?! I was so proud of myself when I received that letter in the mail – even more excited than I get when I find my pay check laying in that cold black box outside my door!journalist

College isn’t just a time to study and set yourself up for a career; to me it’s more than that. It’s a time when you really find out who you are, what your limits are, and who you want to become, and to me that’s pretty important. Long nights cramming and studying for weeks make you think a lot about how far you’re willing to take yourself for what you really want.

You also have to be willing to put yourself out there to meet new people because that’s a huge part of life. It’s especially true if you need to make connections with people that will, in turn, get you into the job that you want or even place you right in the position you’ve been dreaming of. Maybe it’s just me, but this is how I feel about college. You may have a different opinion, which is perfectly fine. Just make sure you are making the best out of your experience and enjoying every second of it.

Resolution Check Up

resolution check upNow that the tinsel and mistletoe are tucked away and taking a long winters nap, it’s time to get out of your food comas and get the ball rolling once again. It’s a new year and I can almost guarantee most of your New Year’s resolutions are “to become the best version of yourself”.  Luckily for you, a new semester is a great way to reinvent yourself.

It’s time to forget about the Christmas movie marathons and start thinking about scheduling study marathons with a group of friends in your classes! I feel as if this semester is short, which can only mean that final exams will sneak up on you quicker than Cupid on Valentine’s Day, shooting his arrows left and right in the name of love.

The best way to accomplish your New Year’s resolution is to first set short-term goals for yourself. For example, for us students, we all know those dreaded tests are bound to pop up. So for this month tell yourself you will get a B or higher on those pesky papers. Once you achieve that, keeping moving forward – maybe add in something like “eating healthy” and “exercising.” As a bonus, being mindful of what you put in your body and staying active will greatly improve the way you think and feel, especially about school. However, don’t tell yourself you’ll be able to do something outrageous, and certainly do not punish yourself if what you thought you would get done didn’t happen for you.

This world is made up of mistakes. Do you think if someone was so precise about fabric color, we would have tie-dye? I don’t think so — someone had to have knocked over the paint to develop that funky swirling pattern.

So remember that if you mess up or fall off the track, tell yourself “tomorrow is a new day.” Or as the singer Aaliyah said “if at first you don’t succeed try, try again” If it takes you a couple days, weeks or months, IT’S FINE. I will bet you a million dollars that you’re not the only one struggling!

Sleepyhead Syndrome

To be completely honest, I absolutely love my sleep. It has become one of my best friends. I remember a time in pre-school when I wouldn’t get up from nap time, so they dragged my bed into the classroom and I woke up to all the kids staring at me. I’m not too sure if it was a lesson the nuns wanted to teach me but all I gained from that experience is an extra an 15 minutes of sleep with a snack and chocolate milk waiting for me. Who wouldn’t love that?

This morning my mom said to me “What makes us sleepy?” and being the curious cat that I am, I wanted to find out. I did some research and came across a website called NIH: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and the name of the article was “What makes you sleep”. Upon reading this, I discovered that your body “clock” is a 24-hour repeated rhythm, which is also called circadian rhythm. There are 2 processes to the circadian rhythm, the first is a pressure to sleep that increases every hour of being awake. The second is all about your “internal” clock. This means that certain signals in your environment can trigger your sleepiness, such as light for morning time and darkness for night time. When it gets dark, your body will release Melatonin in order for your body to prepare to fall asleep.

Things that can make you feel tired are:

original_sleepyhead-pillowcase-teddyDehydration- Just because you’re feeling lightheaded, doesn’t mean you’re hungry. Next time try to drink a bottle (or 2) of water!

Cell phones- Constantly being on that phone of yours increases brain activity, making it almost impossible to fall asleep (yikes!)

Extreme Workouts- Running for longer than 30 minutes can rev up production on cortisol, which is a stress hormone.

Low Iron- If you’re not getting up to 18 milligrams per day of iron, you can start to feel worn out!

So if tomorrow you feel like a zombie, like I feel today, remember these tips. Re-evaluate how your day was yesterday, did you stay up all night on your phone? Did you drink enough water? Or are you just simply a night owl? For the nights were you find yourself counting sheep and it not working, try staying up all night, on a day off of course, and keep yourself busy throughout the next day. When 7 or 8 pm starts to roll around, settle yourself down –  maybe watch some TV or read a book, something that will make your eyes heavy. This way you’ll fall asleep at normal time and wake up feeling refreshed. I like to call it the “internal clock cleanse.”