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P.I.T. Featured Author: Rachelle Chaykin

Featured Author - Rachelle Chaykin

Rachelle Chaykin, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of English & Humanities at P.I.T.’s Media campus — Author of “Her Mother’s Lover: A Novel,” published in 2013.

Rachelle and friend/co-author Tracy Kuhn Greenlee promised to write a novel together. Years passed and their lives became more complicated but almost 20 years later, Tracy sent a letter to Rachelle, reminding her of their promise. They met and agreed to fulfill their promise. Through early mornings of writing and emailing, Rachelle and Tracy’s friendship molded their literary journey and developed into “Her Mother’s Lover: A Novel.”

“Her Mother’s Lover: A Novel” tells the story of three women searching for their futures: Madalane Durand, a young student newly arrived in Paris in 1928; Stella Simone, a wife and mother in contemporary Philadelphia dealing with the absence of both her husband and her daughter; and Eve Newcastle, a professor of history facing an uncertain future as retirement looms. These three women find their future and their past in letters written by the enigmatic artist, Evienne Lavelle.

“Her Mother’s Lover” can be borrowed from the P.I.T. Library.