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A Business Administration Degree for a Future Journalist

Morgan McLaughlinWritten by:  Morgan Mclaughlin

At this very moment, loads of high school seniors are having thoughts run around in their jam packed brains. Infused with homework, tests, projects, and social life. Well, for starters, BREATHE! It may seem all too stressful now and for some, it may take an extra year or 4 to figure out which direction you want to take. For me, it took a year and a half to finally realize what I wanted to do.

During my time off I worked at a job that was just enough for me to fulfill my “needs” (clothing, makeup, movies, or dinner with friends.) I thought to myself, “Do I want this for the rest of my life?” I couldn’t stand the thought of “just getting by.” I wanted to make something of myself. I jumped from idea to idea about what type of career I would go into, for example: a dentist, doctor, lawyer; the obvious money makers. As time flew by like a race car, I always thought “yes this will make me money, but will I be happy?” Never once did I forget about my love for fashion, though right now I may not become a designer; I discovered many other options to dive into.

Another interest I included in my musing was the fact that I absolutely and wholeheartedly am obsessed with writing. Now I didn’t want to be just a book writer (although I wouldn’t turn down that option) I wanted to stick to the fashion industry. So I started to think, why not be a journalist for a world renowned fashion magazine such as Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle, or Cosmopolitan. I would get to go to fashion shows, interview designers and models, or interview celebrities about their upcoming albums or movies. It was all so exciting for me and deep down I felt a real connection to it all.

While searching around for what schools to apply to, I stumbled upon the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology. At first I was going enroll in the Communications degree because it possessed everything that I wanted, but unfortunately that degree was put on hold due to low enrollments. However, I did choose to enter the Business Administration degree program. The reasons I choose this option were

  1. I didn’t want to be out of school for another 6 months to a year, and
  2. Having a business degree can’t hurt in my career path.

Just because I want to be a journalist, doesn’t mean I can’t obtain knowledge in the business aspect of my chosen career. Understanding the business side of journalism will open more doors for me throughout my career. Actually no matter what your path to your future job or career, having a business degree will be the icing on the cake.

I am now seven weeks into my first year here at P.I.T. and I absolutely love it! I am learning a lot, even though at times I get frustrated and sometimes don’t understand everything, I know I seriously try and with that, I do obtain great results. My instructors are superb and really make me excited for the class. In addition to my education success so far, when I heard about a position as a social media writer I was beyond ecstatic! To find the job I am going to school for at the age of 19…I was speechless! I’m so thankful and blessed that this happened for me.

So what I’m really trying to say to anyone who reads this post is that you should come check out P.I.T. You won’t regret it!

A Business Adminstration Degree Provides Many Opportunities

Written by:  Morgan Mclaughlin

tieFor those of you who are in the Business Administration degree program here at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology you are in luck! The reason why I say this is because everything in this world is a business, whether it is in health care, communications, fashion, graphic design or the lemonade stand on the corner of your street. You can take any direction your heart desires. Having a Business Administration degree is a great core for building your empire and will also look amazing on your resume when applying to jobs. While doing my research on what types of jobs people gravitate towards with a Business Administration degree, I found a large quantity of the word “Management.” Let’s say you want to test out finance, this is a department that manages outgoing and incoming money for a company. Some of you may consider human resources which is a career that helps manage the hiring process, personnel training, and employee benefits.

If you are the right side of the brain kind of person, which means creative and artsy, then think about a job in the fashion or art industry. Paths you can take include managing your own or someone else’s retail store, fashion marketing (managing the types of clothing and/or accessories that will sell in the specific store), and assist or consult with a store needing to become more profitable. For the art industry, you can better manage your own art career or you can become a curator in an art gallery. A curator oversees the selection and sales of the pieces displayed in a gallery. They also plan events for clients so customers can be exposed to their new creations.

As you can see, a student who completes a degree in Business Administration will always have career options. The road you choose to take is determined by what you truly enjoy and are extremely passionate about.  The quote “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” speaks nothing but the truth. Don’t work at something you do not care for or believe you may end up regretting. Instead you should take that chance at a career that empowers you and leads you to success.

If you are interested in exploring the options that a Business Administration degree can bring you, check out the information about P.I.T.’s program and then click on the “Apply Now” button to get started on your new future.

Why A Degree In Business Administration?

When you’re searching for a career path that feels right for you, it is often worth considering business administration.

A business administration degree prepares you for a career in managing others, and though it sounds simple, there are many advantages to be seen in this field.

In the first place, this type of degree is incredibly versatile. It allows the holder entrance into many fields, because no matter what the industry is, it needs people to see to its management.

Despite the name, there are many entry level positions, which is essential for getting your foot in the door. Some people choose to specialize, while others like the freedom that an education in business administration gives them to jump from industry to industry.

A business administration degree also gives the student a chance to learn a number of different systems that can make them invaluable to their future employer.

For example, a business administration course may require classwork in accounting, finances and management just for a start.

That means that a person holding a business administration degree can step in to any of these roles in a given company. More and more companies are looking for people with a wide array of talents these days, and this can give you just the edge that you need.

Business administration is a fantastic field to choose if you are interested high-paying jobs. The jobs taken by people in business administration are typically white-collar in nature, and the potential to make a fair amount of cash is quite good.

While connections do help, a business administration degree at a good school prepares you for life on an executive track.

This is also an excellent degree if you are interested in practicing law. While most people understand that a lawyer can have bachelor’s in any program before entering law school, it is typically preferred that the degree be in their chosen field.

If you are interested in business law, a business administration degree might be a great place to start.

Take a moment, and consider what a business administration degree can do for you!

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Business Administration Assoicate Degree Career Opportunities

Obtaining an associate’s degree in business administration can be very beneficial. Not only can this type of degree increase one’s pay but it can also open doors to numerous types of careers.

In order to obtain such a degree, a student will need to have good communication skills, be able to make good decisions as well have superb organizational abilities.

Below is a list of several careers in which a person could find their self in after completing an associate’s degree program in business administration (all salary estimates are obtained from the MARYLHURST UNIVERSITY website):

- Accountant: A person who becomes an accountant usually spends much of his or her time maintaining public financial records as well as editing and reporting them. The average salary of an accountant ranges between $37,335 to $51,137.

- Agency Underwriter: A person who becomes an agency underwriter usually spends their working hours selling commercial insurance products as well as insurance policies for small businesses. The average salary of an agency underwriter ranges between $43,490 to $76,700.

- Banker: A person who becomes a banker usually monitors financial activities as well as manages customer relationships between banks, customers, corporate customers, and more. The average salary of a banker ranges between $29,736 to $42,969.

- Bookkeeper: A person who becomes a bookkeeper tends to perform tasks relating to managing financial records and performing basic accounting duties. The average salary of a bookkeeper ranges between $32,853 to $42,664.

- Business Risk Consultant: A person who becomes a business risk consultant helps businesses identify internal problems such as corporate threats. The average salary of a business risk consultant ranges between $64,000 to $95,000.

- Construction Manager: A person who becomes a construction manager carries out duties that relate to planning, developing, and coordinating construction projects for either residential or commercial purposes or sometimes both. The average salary of a construction manager ranges between $ 56,083 to $104,108.

- Event Manager: A person who becomes an event manager spends his or her working hours planning and coordinating special events, seminars, fundraisers, and more. The average salary for an event manager ranges between $37,662 to $57,059.

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