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A Push in the Right Direction

Every now and then we find ourselves in a slump, and if you say you’re never confused or hurt, angry or simply having “one of those days,” you’re most likely in denial.StressRelief

If you are experiencing some sort of rut, I believe in talking it out with someone — your mom or dad, brother or sister, friend, or school counselor. There is always a way to help you turn that frown upside down and enjoy the rest of the day.

(1)    Put on some tunes that make you feel amazing. You know, the ones that get your feet tapping. For example the music that makes me feel great is country and pop songs. You hear a great song and pretty soon your mood is lifted.


(2)    Not in the mood for music? Heck, put on your favorite comedy movie and laugh yourself to tears. Laughter is the best form of medicine for your soul. The Mayo Clinic has proven that’s not just a corny saying.


(3)    Create a happy place to escape to when things get rough – carve out one room or even just a corner of one room that has the comforts that make you relax and feel better. A favorite pillow, a soft throw, a good view out of the window – all of these can help you remember the good feelings that you have temporarily forgotten.


(4)    Start a DIY project and empower yourself with creative success. Build a birdhouse, a dog house, a magazine rack. The act of creating something is very soothing and helps build self-confidence. Knitting is popular for a reason – it helps soothe your mind and you end up with something at the ends of the project that you can wear or give as a gift.


(5)    Just enjoy being healthy and alive. Take a walk, join a gym, or take up kick boxing. Volunteer at an animal shelter and take the dogs for a walk. Volunteer at a library or nursing home and read to those who cannot do it for themselves. Giving something of yourself to someone else will make you realize that you are a good person with many gifts.


(6)    Also remember that everything looks worse at night, so never make any rash decisions before you get a good night’s rest. Make notes on what’s troubling you, write down all the negative things you are thinking or feeling, and then review them in the daylight. You will be able to see much more clearly after a good sleep and with some sunlight to lift your spirits.


(7)    Another thing you can do while you’re having the blues is to write down words that empower you and recite them every day if need be, or whenever you’d like a pick up and something to make you feel stronger. Just make sure put them in a safe place where you can find them again.


There is nothing wrong with having a bad day. But to get out of it, remember all the good you have in your life from your loving family, significant other, and friends. Maybe you just landed your dream job or are working your way towards that. It is very important to never forget your goals in life, focus on them, and give yourself that push in the right direction.

How A Career Change Made These People Famous

Some people believe after initially selecting a career at a younger age, they are stuck in it for the rest of their life.

This, thankfully, is not the case, as it is possible for a career change at almost any point in time, it just requires a bit of hard work, effort and determination.

There are many individuals who actually took up a career change in order to better off themselves and their families.

Some of these people just found a calling while others took a chance on a career change. Regardless, all of these individuals ended up becoming famous and successful in their alternative fields.

Sylvester Stallone

The famous body builder and writer behind the movie Rocky, Sylvester Stallone worked as a deli counter attendant until he was in his 30s. He actually wrote the screenplay to Rocky  in between working at the deli and as a movie theater usher and it ended up winning him an Academy Award for Best Picture.

Andrea Bocelli

The world famous singer always loved to sing growing up, but never really saw it  as a possible career path. In fact, he was a lawyer into his early 30s, when he decided to pursue singing instead of staying in the law. He worked in a piano bar during evenings while he stayed a lawyer during the days until he caught his big break. It shows just because someone is making a good deal of money, it does’ mean they are happy with where their life is at the moment.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford, the man who brought to life not only Indiana Jones and Han Solo, but countless other heroes in movies such as Blade Runner, Air Force One and Witness, originally never wanted to be an actor.

In fact, although he did star in American Graffiti in his 30s, he wasn’t paid much for his efforts, so he returned to his original love: carpentry. Harrison Ford worked as a carpenter on many different movie sets, which ended up helping him secure a movie role that would change his life forever (and the lives of millions of fans worldwide).

George Lucas, although he, in his own words, doesn’t like to cast the same actor twice, needed an extra to read for the part of Han Solo during an audition. Harrison Ford performed the part better than any of the other actors and George gave the role to him.

Colonel Sanders
You might better recognize the man behind KFC as an incredible cook with an eye for spices, but he didn’t start out this way. In fact, he held many different jobs into his 30s, including a steamboat pilot, farmer, railroad fireman and insurance salesmen. In fact, he didn’t start cooking chicken until he was in his 40s and didn’t start franchising his restaurant until he was 65. It just shows there is no age limit to when someone can change career paths.

Julia Child

The world famous chef actually held a position few could ever picture the loud, outspoken and booming voice individual to have: government spy. It’s true, Julia Child worked for the United States government as a spy and actually worked on missions in China and Sri Lanka in order to provide specific intelligence documents for agents in the field. She didn’t start cooking until 36.

Martha Stewart

Martha started as a stockbroker, which might explain her sometimes harsh personality, although she knows how to get the job done in her shows, magazine and other provided services. Of course, she later ended up serving jail time due to insider trading on stock.

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How to Overcome Career Regrets

Changing careers is often a daunting task and idea, which many people are just not capable of doing.

Not because it is overly difficult, but because they become fixated on the notion of it being difficult, if not impossible to change careers.

Due to this, they simply stick with their current careers. It is important for anyone overcoming career regrets to look at the future, not the past.

It doesn’t matter how long then person has spent in a particular career or what kinds of work they have done in the past, there are many different ways to make a living, without dropping everything and going back to school.

Yes, it is never to late to go back to school full-time, but for some, this just isn’t an option. In order to take care of their family and children, a continuous revenue stream is necessary.

It is possible, when overcoming career regrets to better themselves though, without completely abandoning their current profession.

In fact, with a little bit of effort and determination, changing careers to something more enjoyable and desirable is not only possible, it is a practical adjustment, capable of not only increasing salary, benefits and improving the family’s way of life, but also take the person overcoming career regrets and put them in a completely new, happy work environment.

There are many ways individuals are capable of overcoming career regrets, including:

-Never say never
-Be reasonable
-First step is always the hardest

Never Say Never

The biggest problem most people have is thinking a career change could never happen. There are a million reasons and excuses available for holding someone back, ranging from being too old to the job market to raising children to being away from home too often.

Once a person finds themselves in this mindset it is almost impossible to get out of it. This is why never saying never is so important. None of these excuses are actually holding the person back. The individual him or herself is holding themselves back.

It is possible to change career paths, and although some are more likely than others in terms of possible jobs, it is possible to obtain a new position, it is only in the person’s mind it isn’t.

Be Reasonable

Of course, people must stay reasonable for new jobs. Chances are, at age 40 it isn’t possible to drop everything and go to medical school. Most doctors spend a decade, if not longer, attending classes, working in hospitals and slowing pushing themselves to the top.

If this is the individual’s dream, by all means they should pursue it, but ultimately, it might prove more beneficial in the long run and immediate future to select a new career that only requires a two-year degree or vocational certifications.

All of these educational practices and knowledge is obtainable through night, weekend and online classes, allowing the person to stay at their current job while working towards their new career.

First Step is Always the Hardest

No matter what it is, from trying out for a sports team to walking on the moon, the first step is always the hardest. The beginning, pushing oneself to begin the process is all in the mind, as the person must overcome the naysayers and those who think it is not a good idea, practical or in their best interest to select a new career path.

Once the first step is taken though, the rest follow quickly, and it is often rather amazing exactly how fast the rest of the plan follows suit, once the very first step is taken by someone.

Are you looking to overcome your career regrets?

We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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The Promising Career Outlook For New Civil Engineers

Civil engineers play a vital role in the modern economy. By designing and evaluating infrastructure like buildings, roads, and airports, a civil engineer ensures that structures are both practical and safe.

In addition, federal, state, and local agencies employ civil engineers to ensure that buildings comply with modern building codes.civil engineer career pa

Civil Engineering Careers

Civil engineers work in a wide variety of jobs, both in the private and public sectors. These include specialties such as:

• Developing architectural designs for commercial and private buildings.
• Designing and building infrastructure such as sewers, roads, airports and bridges.
• Working to evaluate, improve and develop building and construction codes to ensure the safety of buildings and other facilities.
• Enforcing building and safety codes for local and state governments.

In all of these cases, the civil engineer will be involved in a long-term and rewarding career that is both challenging and flexible. Additionally, via their contribution to the safety of America’s infrastructure, civil engineers play a vital role in protecting their fellow citizens.

The Career Outlook for the Modern Civil Engineer

The current career outlook for civil engineers is extremely promising. The civil engineering sector in America remains vibrant, especially those components involved in building code enforcement as well as the private architecture and construction sectors.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that there were over 278,000 civil engineering jobs in 2008. Furthermore, the BLS estimates that job growth for civil engineers with be greater than usual through 2018, due to the growing population and a need for new construction.

The average 2008 salary for new civil engineers was over $52,000.

Obtaining a civil engineering associate’s degree will help the student prepare for a career in civil engineering, whether he or she is a newly graduated student, or an already employed individual seeking to enter a new profession.

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By doing so, the student can obtain the knowledge needed to effectively transition to a civil engineering career.

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