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A Push in the Right Direction

Every now and then we find ourselves in a slump, and if you say you’re never confused or hurt, angry or simply having “one of those days,” you’re most likely in denial.StressRelief

If you are experiencing some sort of rut, I believe in talking it out with someone — your mom or dad, brother or sister, friend, or school counselor. There is always a way to help you turn that frown upside down and enjoy the rest of the day.

(1)    Put on some tunes that make you feel amazing. You know, the ones that get your feet tapping. For example the music that makes me feel great is country and pop songs. You hear a great song and pretty soon your mood is lifted.


(2)    Not in the mood for music? Heck, put on your favorite comedy movie and laugh yourself to tears. Laughter is the best form of medicine for your soul. The Mayo Clinic has proven that’s not just a corny saying.


(3)    Create a happy place to escape to when things get rough – carve out one room or even just a corner of one room that has the comforts that make you relax and feel better. A favorite pillow, a soft throw, a good view out of the window – all of these can help you remember the good feelings that you have temporarily forgotten.


(4)    Start a DIY project and empower yourself with creative success. Build a birdhouse, a dog house, a magazine rack. The act of creating something is very soothing and helps build self-confidence. Knitting is popular for a reason – it helps soothe your mind and you end up with something at the ends of the project that you can wear or give as a gift.


(5)    Just enjoy being healthy and alive. Take a walk, join a gym, or take up kick boxing. Volunteer at an animal shelter and take the dogs for a walk. Volunteer at a library or nursing home and read to those who cannot do it for themselves. Giving something of yourself to someone else will make you realize that you are a good person with many gifts.


(6)    Also remember that everything looks worse at night, so never make any rash decisions before you get a good night’s rest. Make notes on what’s troubling you, write down all the negative things you are thinking or feeling, and then review them in the daylight. You will be able to see much more clearly after a good sleep and with some sunlight to lift your spirits.


(7)    Another thing you can do while you’re having the blues is to write down words that empower you and recite them every day if need be, or whenever you’d like a pick up and something to make you feel stronger. Just make sure put them in a safe place where you can find them again.


There is nothing wrong with having a bad day. But to get out of it, remember all the good you have in your life from your loving family, significant other, and friends. Maybe you just landed your dream job or are working your way towards that. It is very important to never forget your goals in life, focus on them, and give yourself that push in the right direction.

Changing Careers at 30

t is never to late for someone to change careers, no matter how old they are or what they are currently doing with their life.

Although most new professions require some sort of educational background, it is possible to obtain the necessary knowledge without completely abandoning work and returning to school, as this often proves detrimental to those who need full-time employment and are not able to afford leaving work for extended periods of time.

Without abandoning work, it is possible to change careers for anyone at the age of 30 or later.

There are several keys towards a career change at 30. This includes, but is not always limited to:

  • degree
  • knowing where to look
  • keep financials in mind


In order to change careers at any age, having the necessary knowledge is important. If this kind of educational background is not currently on the person’s resume, returning to school in some shape or form is a must.

However, this does not mean the person must drop their current job and return to school full-time. In all likelihood, this isn’t possible at all, especially when the individual has a family and children to take care of and provide for.

Night school, two year degree programs and even vocational schools with certification programs are available. The night school options allow anyone to go back to school and take classes in the evening, while working during the day.

Traditional four-year programs may take longer to graduate from, simply due to the fact the typical course load is not undertaken while working during the day. Generally, vocational schools and two-year programs are better served for this kind of undertaking, but it is possible to enroll in not only evening classes, but weekend and online options, in order to obtain the necessary degree, without leaving work full-time.

Knowing Where to Look

When looking for a career change at 30, it isn’t just all about education, it is knowing where to look for the new job and career. There are job recruiting websites designed to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers, but with millions of users utilizing this service, gaining access to an appropriate job is not always easy, despite the Internet option.

Many times, the degree classes and schools have job placement services, in order to line up recent graduates with work. This is a second big advantage of going back to school for further education in order to help sustain a career change at 30.

Knowing where to look when searching for a new job in a new line of work is often difficult, so using a career placement service is a valuable feature to have.

Keep Finances in Mind

No matter what you decide to change your career to, it is always important to keep your finances in mind, especially when providing for a family and children. It is easy for someone to become caught up in quickly changing their careers and furthering their education by taking on more college credit at once than what their job allows, which forces them into fewer work hours and more time devoted towards graduating.

This is fine, as long as it doesn’t affect providing for the family. Sometimes, taking it slow is the best practice, as not only does it push the individual forward, closer towards the career change at 30, but it keeps money coming into the household, allowing them to continually provide while pursuing a better life.

Changing careers is always possible, no matter the age or the desired career path.

It just takes some hard work and especially determination.

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology offers several academic programs in Delaware County and Philadelphia areas perfectly suited to help jump start your new career change.