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P.I.T.’s Ghost(s)

happy haunting 2013

How do you feel about things that go “bump in the night?” Did you know that P.I.T. is rumored to have a ghost on campus? It’s really not that unusual. Several other colleges in our region also have reports of ghosts.

P.I.T. has had several reports of people seeing an apparition, believed to be the Mother Superior dating from the building’s days as Notre Dame High School for Girls. These reports claim that she is seen through the windows of the Bell Tower usually at night.

pennsylvania-institute-of-technology-hauntings-in-paAdditional claims have been made of seeing the apparition of a nun on the third floor on the Administration Building walking down the hall from one office area to another. Another report has her appearing around the 2nd floor landing on the back staircase in the Administration Building. No one knows if all these sightings are of the same ghost or multiple ghosts, although the people who see the apparition generally all refer to her as the Mother Superior.

One person has reported hearing crying on the landing between the 1st (reception area) and the 2nd floor. This area is located within the original house built by the Wharton Family. Since the crying was disembodied, there is no way to know if the distraught person was a Wharton family member or friend, a nun, or a former student of the high school.

One member of the facilities staff reported seeing a nun “gliding” across the Administration Building porch. When he tried to catch up to her, she had disappeared. A number of people have also claimed to feel someone brush past them on the front staircase or on the porch in the Administration Building.

A few years ago, one instructor told the story of hearing the door knob to her classroom rattle even though there was no one in the hall. According to her account, when it happened a second time, she called out, “Use the other door, Sister” and the rattling stopped immediately.

Two faculty members meeting in a classroom, with the door closed, had the experience of seeing the classroom door open and then feeling a cold breeze blowing between them. A student who was also in the classroom, witnessed the experience and asked them “What the…was that?”

Faculty have also commented that when alone in a third floor classroom after a night class ended, they have heard footsteps walking up and down the hall, but no one is present. Others have noted that when they were in classrooms located adjacent to the P.I.T. Stop Café during the evening (now used as the student lounge), they could hear running footsteps overhead. Upon checking upstairs, they found that no one was in the hallway and the offices above the classrooms were empty.

hauntings in pennsylvaniaDo other unusual things happen in the building? Yes. But they can often be explained by logical incidents. The confessionals are still located in what used to be the chapel used by the Sisters (now P.I.T.’s Library). Some mornings the doors are slightly open even though the Librarian knows they were closed the previous night. Are the Sisters still using them for confession? Maybe. But maybe the 109 year old locks just don’t hold up to the vibrations of the Media/Elwyn Regional Rail Line.

What do you think? Is P.I.T. haunted?