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My Fear of Public Speaking

Signature:baed3687aecc9fc02b05e033f52ab04b5ac34144c6f0702c4e0cfe36f9d34041Throughout my school years, I was never the type of person who enjoyed getting up in front of the class and presenting a paper or poster for a project. Even reading a paragraph in a book out loud in class was nerve wracking.

I can remember when we had to do “popcorn” in class, which was when you would read as much as you wanted out loud and then call on a classmate to pick up where you left off. Any time someone called on me, I would read a word or just one sentence then call popcorn. Oh, and at the beginning of new classes, teachers would ask us to tell them one thing about themselves they would like the teacher to know. I always put down “I do not like to speak publicly.”  The reason why I dread it so much is because I shake, my face gets super red, which is completely noticeable because I’m so pale, and I have a stuttering problem as well.  All those things combined are just a recipe for disaster.

The funny thing about all of this is that, for those who know me well, my true personality is outgoing and bubbly.  Others may think public speaking would be easy for me, but unfortunately it’s not.

Being in college now, they expect it often from all students. Recently, I had a mishap of trying to present my paper in front of my class. Let’s just say I was told to sit down — embarrassing much? It’s a constant battle because I do try to hide from it. If presentation were removed from the curriculum I would be a happy girl!

So, for those who also struggle with glossophobia – the term for fear of public speaking — trust me when I tell you that you’re not the only one! Just don’t ask me to tell you in front of the whole class, ok?

What Types Of High School Classes Should I Take If I Want To Become A Nurse?

Becoming a nurse is a noble goal that requires compassion and dedication. If you’re a high school student, you can take classes now that will help you become a nurse.high school classes prep for college

You can build a solid scientific background to aid you in advanced college courses, and you can start studying today to develop the skills you’ll need to communicate with patients. If you’re already a high school graduate, don’t worry. Nursing classes will help you learn the skills you need.

Scientific knowledge is the backbone of nursing. You’ll need to understand several fields of science to take the best care of your patients. Anatomy and Physiology are helpful classes that you’ll be required to study in your adult training.

Take these classes in high school if you can. Biology and chemistry are also important for understanding how the human body and medications work. Doing well in these courses will help you in your future studies.

Foreign languages are always useful for nurses. Study Spanish, French or common languages in your community so you can communicate with patients.

Even knowing a few basic phrases can help you reassure a patient. If your high school offers Latin or Greek, those languages can help you learn medical and pharmacological terms.

Nurses write reports for every patient they treat. Your nursing studies will require you to write several academic papers.

Taking English and writing classes to develop written communication skills will serve you well.

You will need basic mathematic skills to calculate medicine dosages for your patients. Many nurses struggle to find time to study proper doses for patients in between everything else nursing students need to learn.

Taking mathematic classes in high school will make your college studies much easier for you.

High school is the time to develop a well-rounded education for your future studies. If your school doesn’t offer all of these classes, don’t worry.

Take the subjects that you can, and find a nursing school like the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology that offers tutoring services and academic advisors to ensure you get all of the assistance you need.

P.I.T. offers High School Classes in Philadelphia.

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