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General Studies

A bachelor’s degree in general studies is characterized by a multidisciplinary curriculum. Students explore the arts, sciences, and humanities to earn a thoroughly robust education. A general studies program focuses on marketable and transferable skills like analytical thinking, flexible problem solving, and communication.

A General Studies Degree also offer a high level of customization. If students know what career path they are interested in, they can choose courses that teach career-specific skills and competencies. Alternatively, if students are undecided about the type of career they want to pursue, they can select a broad course of study.

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  • Program Objectives
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  • List of Outcomes (upon graduation)Programmatic Learning Outcomes Upon completion of the program requirements for the General Studies degree, students will be able to demonstrate success in meeting the following learning outcomes:

    1. Effectively analyze and synthesize the relationship between multiple disciplines of study.
    2. Identify and recognize cultural differences and the impact of an educated citizen and responsible member in a global society.
    3. Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate ideas using various media (oral, written, visual) and information technologies.
    4. Analyze the arts and media in social, cultural, technical, and entertainment contexts.
    5. Describe contemporary global problems within their historical, cultural, and cultural contexts and the similarities, differences, and interdependencies.
    6. Identify and apply critical thinking skills to solve problems effectively.
    7. Describe and analyze multiple perspectives on social and cultural change and assess the strengths and weaknesses of conflicting points of view.
  • Students can transfer in up to 90 credits towards the completion of this degree.
Rachelle Chaykin

Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
Director of General Studies