This course integrates didactic knowledge as well as practical skills learned in lab in the clinical setting. The student will comply with college and clinical affiliate department policies and procedures. The student will demonstrate professional behaviors in all matters relating to patient, family and other healthcare members. The student will practice using ultrasound instrumentation and other equipment necessary for sonographic procedures. Proper pre-examination preparation and acquisition of pertinent patient medical information is expected as well. The student will institute and practice diagnostic medical sonographic procedures under the supervision of a registered staff diagnostic medical sonographer. In this clinical term, the student will demonstrate improved scanning skills along with the ability to perform more independently as a student sonographer. In this term students will be expected to triage cases and present power points on assigned topics to expand their knowledge of pathology and recent updates in the field of sonography. Board review sessions and mock examinations will also take place.

Contact Hours: Lecture-0, Lab-0, Clinical Hours-360 Credits-6
Prerequisite(s): Sonography Clinical 3 (DMS 250)