The time I spent at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology (P.I.T) has served as an essential foundation for my personal and work-related goals. P.I.T ignited the passion that is my career in nursing. It rooted my life with purpose and direction. I was equipped with the tools to think critically and navigate life confidently. The nursing program was challenging, but I welcomed that challenge because I knew the purpose it served.​

Furthermore, I wanted to learn how to be more of a leader. I strived to grow into roles that would let me learn how to lead others, thus becoming the student representative of my class. My success was not limited to just in school or the medical field. I had a lot to accomplish between the classroom and organizational participation as a wife and a mother of two. The list seems daunting, but it taught me how to be efficient at time management and prioritization. Skills I use in my personal life and career. In combination with dedicated professors, these skills will prepare me to pass the national certification exam in nursing on my first attempt. I can also attribute my success to P.I.T’s class size. I felt as though my education was genuinely personal. I was treated as an individual and not a statistic. Something that cannot be promised at all colleges.​

Nevertheless, the class sizes allowed me to grow so close to my classmates and my professors. We all became a family, expanding the program and learning together. The professors were always willing to keep their doors open to answer any questions, and they were constantly working hard and looking for ways to help guarantee our success. By going through the nursing program at P.I.T, I learned what it takes to become a successful nurse and truly understand what it means to become a successful student at the end of every term.

I also participate in the TRIO Student Support Services, where I can work alongside faculty and other students to find ways to help the program reach new levels. The faculty put so much of their time and effort into working with us and our program to make it the best possible, and I can speak to their success. I graduated with high honors every term; Yes, the pressure can be high, but I rely on the education and experiences P.I.T provided me to succeed. Without that foundation, I would not be where I am today. I will continually strive for success and have no doubt my achievements will be obtained thanks to P.I.T. I am eternally grateful for those who helped me pave the way for upcoming nursing students and jumpstart my nursing career as Nurse Blue.