Jacob Kamp is P.I.T.’s April 2016 Student of the Month and the Class of 2016 Valedictorian! Jacob’s biggest inspiration growing up was his father. From him, he learned the qualities of integrity and the importance of having dignity in work and during hardships, which he taught through example. Jacob’s parents led to his interest in business. His father showed Jacob that he had the capabilities to start his own business and his mother always expressed to him that he showed talent and encouraged him to continue his education on the subject.The biggest adjustment to school life that Jacob had to make was learning how to open his mind to information on topics where he thought that he had known all there is to know. Jacob has also overcome adversity, as he has dealt with chronic illness for the better part of his life, including hospital visits and surgery while at P.I.T. Because of this, he was almost unable to complete high school, but since coming to P.I.T., he has learned to overcome his illness and live up to his potential. After graduating from P.I.T. this semester, Jacob’s plan to focus on growing his business.