Attending P.I.T. has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I aim to combine my passions for human sexuality and physical therapy, and work toward that goal in the P.I.T. PTA program. What I have found to be extremely interesting is how often doctors and nurses do not have answers or are uncomfortable discussing sexual issues with patients, which is due to the lack of preparation in their doctoral programs. This is the problem I seek to rectify. I wholeheartedly believe with the holistic healing nature of physical therapy people who are elderly, chronically ill, and disabled will be able to experience all the pleasures of life, despite their limitations. Furthermore, I am also very involved in bringing awareness to domestic abuse and sexual violence issues. Thus far I have started a Facebook page to support and encourage victims as well as allies, created educational videos, and spoken at conferences. I am now trying to raise funds to continue to educate and help others. If you would like to learn more about my cause, please visit Go Fund Me — Zora’s Story  or visit the Facebook page at Zora’s Story and spread the word! You never know who could use a little extra support.