I am one of the students who finished the program in December 2022 and will be graduating in April 2023. Before starting P.I.T. I was working a full-time and a PRN job. I choose P.I.T. after speaking with admissions, who told me a lot about the school and after the conversation, I felt that P.I.T. was the best choice. I love the nursing field and after being a CNA for 23 yrs, children have grown and out of the way, I felt that it was my time to do what I love. The things I like best about P.I.T. is that everyone, I mean everyone has been nice, very respectful, very professional, and also willing to help. The staff/Professors have given me the proper tools and knowledge to help me succeed through dedication and hard work, showing me that they cared when gave up on myself. That made me continue to push. Now as I continue my journey/career, I am aiming to become a Nurse Anesthetist ( baby steps first though). 

This is my first time ever going to college, I can’t say thank you enough for the great experience.