I have been on my path to become a Nurse for a few years, after finishing all my prerequisites, I checked out a few RN programs. The time I had available and the time and money needed to complete a RN program wasn’t feasible for me. My coworker came in one day and was like, “hey, we are going to PIT to become LPN’s”. She said all I had to do was fill out the the online form and someone will call me.

When I completed the online form, I was contacted with in the hour. I was very impressed and that’s when I was first introduced to Abigail. She didn’t know it at the time but that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Abigail stayed on the phone with me for as long as I needed, she answered all my questions. I was even given a direct line to her and she told me to call whenever I needed her, with any questions I may have. Now at that time she couldn’t have guessed that I would take that literally, lol.

Once I started the process of trying to get accepted to the July 2023 class, I was introduced to a few more people. Lovely people like Katie Torpey, Carolyn Byrd, Theresa Fleming and Michelle Pagan. These beautiful ladies made the transition so easy, I called, emailed and texted all the time and every time they answered. Katie was the person to talk to when it came to completing my American data bank. I think I called her a million times just to confirm I wasn’t missing anything. She was very patient and went over everything, sometimes I just called her to hear her say, everything was complete, lol. When it came to my financial aid, Michelle was there to help me with the Pheaa grant, Carolyn broke it down to the pennies how much was owed and what loans were available to me. Theresa helped me with what scholarships to apply for. After all their help, I felt confident that I could afford it and that I will be ok.

Although PIT is financially affordable and the program is only for one year, that wasn’t what made me want to continue with the process. For me it was the feeling I got when speaking to everyone, this program is designed for you to succeed. They will make sure you succeed, when I went to the open house and heard Corey speak about program and how passionate he was about it. I felt that this was the place for me, I know I will become a LPN and I know that because, they won’t let me fail.

So I will tell anyone, if you’re looking for a program that’s only for one year, financially affordable and you have a whole team of people behind you to make sure you get to the finish line.

PIT is the place for you!!!