Welcome to P.I.T. Virtual Campus

Learn more about FlexPIT and other COVID-19 Resources

How are Online courses at P.I.T. different?

P.I.T. was recently ranked in the TOP 10 of online colleges in Pennsylvania (and the #1 two-year college) by Onlinecollegeplan.com.

Unlike many other campus-based colleges, P.I.T. does not take an in-class curriculum and simply paste it into an online platform.  The college’s online classes are built from the ground up, recognizing that effective remote learning must be interactive and utilize a plethora of intuitive multimedia resources in order to engage students.

Additionally, our online course class size is limited.  Some colleges use online learning as a way to save money; at P.I.T., we don’t.  Class sizes in our online classes have the same low limit as our traditional small class sizes on-campus.

What is FlexPIT?

FlexPIT is online course scheduling build to meet the needs of your demanding life.  COVID-19 has complicated the schedule of many of our students.  No longer are students trying to “just” balance work, school, and family. Now, many of our students find themselves struggling to care for younger or older generations who no longer have the school or other care that they’ve relied on.

Course Delivery:

The college has worked diligently to create a scheduling design that can work around these challenges, including:

  • Traditional In-Class Courses (clinical courses, available in October 2020).
  • 100% Online
  • Online with live instruction optional – (or recorded classes)
  • Online with live instruction required at designated class times

Instructor office hours:

All P.I.T. online course Instructors are available at designated and posted times each week for “office hours.”  Simply shoot your Instructor an email to schedule a one-on-one meeting, by phone or video chat.


One-on-one video or telephone tutoring is available to all students online – for free.  The college’s tutoring office matches students with professional tutors who have expertise in all of the school’s various classes and majors.

Student services:

Just like on campus, each student is assigned a personalized Student Success Team (S.S.T.) to help nurture the best out of future graduates.  The S.S.T. is comprised of a student Admissions Specialist, Financial Aid Advisor, and their Student Affairs Coach.  Led by the Student Affairs Coach, this group helps navigate students through areas of need, including academic assistance, financial assistance, and emotional support.

Additionally, the Student Affairs department maintains a robust catalog of resources and programming related to COVID-19, food and housing insecurity, mental health support, and other areas of student need.


In early 2020, the College’s Academic Library underwent a major rejuvenation.  While the physical changes inside the facility are evident, the most significant updates have been “under-the-hood.”  The new library website has been enhanced by adding a multitude of student resources.  These include access to a robust online card catalog of E-texts and other scholarly works, Grammarly software, and OverDrive (providing student and the community a plethora of eBooks, Audiobooks, and streaming videos).

In addition, the Library staff can assist students with research, documentation of sources materials, writing tools, and more!

How does FLEXPIT work?

Some of our classes have a dedicated meeting time. Instruction takes place live online during those meeting times via Zoom.  FlexPIT gives students the opportunity to both learn in real-time and interact with instructors and classmates as if they were in a traditional classroom and, as each live session is recorded and uploaded to our online platform, to be viewed at your convenience.

Instructors maintain regular virtual office hours to answer your questions.

Our Student Affairs department, Library, Tutoring, and other support services will remain available to help our students through their journey whether that means meeting in-person by appointment, over the phone, via email, and/or video chat correspondence.

All of our lives are in a great state of flux right now.  We hope that this flexibility will help to reassure you that the resources you need to achieve academic success are stronger than ever!  P.I.T recognizes that some students may not have access to consistent, reliable internet in their homes. It is our goal as your college to ensure that you can continue your education during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond!