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Parent Information

As a parent of a current or prospective P.I.T. student, you may have questions about your child’s education and preparation for a future career. We’re here to provide the answers you need, and to tell you more about our professionally oriented education and the many opportunities and advantages it brings.

Affordable and Transfer Ready

At P.I.T., we are committed to making our education not only exceptional, but affordable. To that end, we offer a low tuition as well as generous financial aid options. If your student decides to continue his or her education, P.I.T. makes the transfer process simple, and helps your student maximize every credit earned.

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Financial Aid


Student Support Services


Paying for College

There are many options to help students afford their education, such as scholarships, grants, and loans. Our Financial Aid Office will work closely with you, to understand your particular financial situation and to craft the best possible financial aid package for your student.

Faculty Spotlight
Rachelle Chaykin, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, tutors a student.
Rachelle Chaykin Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs 

Rachelle Chaykin is the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, and the Program Manager for English and Humanities. Ms. Chaykin graduated from the University of Delaware with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Operations Management. She then pursued her M.A. in English Literature at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

In addition to working Educational Management, Rachelle has been teaching for almost twenty years, and it is still the favorite part of her job. She has incorporated many instructional research techniques into her classroom, including integrating multiple intelligence concepts and writing across the curriculum assessments.

Ms. Chaykin is a pop-culture virtuoso, a voracious reader, and a devotee of all scary movies. Her first novel, Her Mother’s Lover, was published in 2013 with her co-author. She is currently working on the sequel.

Student Success Story
Photo of Hezouwe Ngani
Hezouwe Ngani Engineering Graduated: May 2018

Hezouwe Ngani is the type of student who truly benefits from a small college experience. Originally from Togo where he was an elementary school teacher, Hezouwe’s first language is French. However, his interest in engineering led him to P.I.T. where he has excelled in all of his classes, including his composition classes. He is polite, inquisitive, very intelligent, and dedicated to being an outstanding engineer. More importantly, he understands the value of hard work, often translating difficult engineering terms into French to gain a better understanding of the nuances implied in English. He is dependable, friendly, and very well-liked by all of his instructors and the staff he has worked with. Even at orientation, he made sure to meet his instructors and develop a rapport with them. In years to come, we will be able to count Hezouwe as one of our outstanding alumni!

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