B.S. in Business Administration

Learn About Our New Business Administration Degree!

The new Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is a flexible, career-oriented degree that allows students to pursue an A.S. in Business as part of the degree and then advance on to take stackable certificates to enhance professional development, workforce readiness, and career advancement.

The online business degree program consists of a general education core, a business core, and stand-alone stackable certificates in Supply Chain and Operations Management paired with Applied Project Management, as well as Digital Marketing paired with Innovation and Entrepreneurship. A fifth concentration, Healthcare Administration, allows students to complete a business administration degree program that has a healthcare emphasis—expanding their employability into the healthcare industry.

The goal of this program is to provide committed learners with a quality, collegiate, and career-enhancing education in a supportive environment that promotes personal growth and prepares graduates for successful careers.

Below, you’ll find key details about each stackable certificate and their potential job growth.

Supply Chain and Operations Management

This certificate is targeted to people in the fields of transportation, storage, distribution, or logistics. Supply chain and operations professionals manage the flow of goods, services, and information both within and across organizations, ensuring that products get made, services are provided, and customers are satisfied.

This certificate program focuses on sustainability, efficient use of resources, project management, and managing risk. Potential job growth is 14% through 2026.

Applied Project Management

This certificate is targeted at students/employees who wish to acquire the tools and skills to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and close projects. Examples of career roles include management analysts, project management specialists, and logisticians. Program topics include design thinking, project quality management, and project time management. Potential job growth is 7-8% through 2026.

Digital Marketing

This certificate is designed for students and employees seeking to develop skills in the digital marketing arena. Digital marketing refers to the use of digital channels to market products and services to reach consumers. This type of marketing involves the use of websites, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other similar channels.

Potential career paths include market research analysts and market specialists, marketing managers, web developers, and interface designers. Projected job growth is 7-8% through 2026.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This certificate is targeted to the student who wishes to pursue a career leading and managing change and growth. The courses in the certificate program teach you essential skills and effective strategies for leading innovation in organizations – and for starting new ones.

Typical occupations include business operations specialists, general and operations managers, project management specialists, and entrepreneurs. Projected job growth is 25% through 2026.

Healthcare Administration

This certificate is targeted to students and current employees within the healthcare system who wish to pursue a career in the administrative side of healthcare. Topics include law and ethics, finance, healthcare informatics, and healthcare management. Projected job growth is 15% through 2026.

Benefits of Taking Online Business Courses Through P.I.T.

A key feature of our bachelor’s in business administration program is the opportunity to take classes online. Here are some benefits of completing an online business degree at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology:

  • Time flexibility – Our online business courses allow students to finish their degree at their own pace by completing them anytime throughout the day. This gives students the opportunity to balance their outside life with classes and feel more confident when completing the program.
  • Accessible anywhere – No matter where you are located, you can comfortably take courses at P.I.T. For example, if you are located in Philadelphia or the surrounding area, our online courses allow you to work toward your degree while still living in the city and not having to commute.
  • Supportive – P.I.T. is determined to give students the best experience possible in our online business classes. Our professors are focused on helping students every step of the way, ensuring they understand the foundational business concepts.

How to Apply for Our Bachelor’s in Business Administration Degree

If you’re ready to take the next step in your academic career and enhance your professional development, here is how we can help:

  • Apply Online – Complete our online application today for the bachelor’s in business administration degree.
  • Contact our admissions staff – Our supportive staff is here to help you through the process of applying and answer any questions you have.
  • Talk with a financial aid advisor – Don’t feel like you have to apply for financial aid alone, because our advisors are here to work closely with you through the whole process.

Contact P.I.T. with Any Questions About Our Online Business Degree

We are here to support you every step of the way when it comes to applying for our online business administration degree. Contact us today to start your journey toward success.

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology is an Educational Member of the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), An Educational Member of the IACBE is an academic business unit that has met the IACBE’s requirements for membership and has affirmed its commitment to excellence in business education. For more information on Educational Membership and the IACBE, please visit the IACBE website: www.iacbe.org

Course Code Course Name Credits
BIO106 General Biology Lab 1.00
MTH145 College Algebra and Trigonometry 3.00
PSY105 Introduction to Psychology 3.00
BUS205 Organizational Behavior 3.00
CIS110 Computer Information Systems 3.00
BUS209 Operations Management 3.00
BUS214 Strategic Management Concepts 3.00
BUS219 Team Building and Conflict Resolution 3.00
BUS300 Data Analytics 3.00
BUS400 Internship 3.00
*CERTCRS3* Certificate Course 3 3.00
*CERTCRS4* Certificate Course 4 3.00
*CERTCRS5* Certificate Course 5 3.00
*CERTCRS6* Certificate Course 6 3.00
*CERTCRS7* Certificate Course 7 3.00
*CERTCRS8* Certificate Course 8 3.00
*CERTCRS9* Certificate Course 9 3.00
BUS201 Organizational Sustainability 3.00
BUS239 Principles of Finance 3.00
HIS150 Western Civilization 3.00
HIS160 Culture and Technology 3.00
PLS160 Introduction to Global Studies 3.00
HUM130 Society and Finance 3.00
*FREELECT1* Free Elective 1 3.00
*FREELECT2* Free Elective 2 3.00
*CERTCRS10* Certificate Course 10 3.00
*HUMANELECT1 Humanities Elective (100/200) 3.00
*CERTCRS1* Certificate Course 1 3.00
*CERTCRS2* Certificate Course 2 3.00
BUS247 Principles of Macro-Economics 3.00
COM108 Communications and Social Interaction 3.00
ENG108 English Composition 3.00
ENG215 Analytical Writing 3.00
HUM140 Critical Thinking in the Modern Age 3.00
BIO105 General Biology 3.00
BUS131 Business Management 3.00
BUS211 Financial Accounting 3.00
BUS226 Principles of Marketing 3.00
BUS231 Business Law 3.00
MTH207 Statistics 3.00
SOC103 Introduction to Sociology 3.00

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate increased leadership skills.
  2. Develop a strong knowledge of core business concepts.
  3. Apply foundational concepts to business scenarios.
  4. Demonstrate enhanced collaboration and team-building skills.
  5. Analyze case studies and create rational courses of action.