This course introduces the student to the cognitive, technical, interpersonal, and communications skills needed to provide nursing care using the nursing process. Age-appropriate, psychosocial, and spiritual care based on individual needs is emphasized. The student will learn normal growth and development, medical terminology, fundamental nursing skills, nutrition including vitamins and minerals, and care for clients with integumentary disorders. Drug therapy principles from NUR 117: Pharmacology for Practical Nurses are incorporated. The theory is coordinated with skill practice performed in the nursing laboratory setting. Clinical experiences are scheduled in long-term-care facilities with an emphasis on meeting the client’s needs by providing basic nursing care.
Responsibility, accountability, and ethical principles from NUR 110: Role Development of the Practical Nurse I are applied in nursing practice.
Contact Hours: Lecture – 75, Lab – 120, Clinical – 120 Credits – 11
Prerequisite (sJ: Acceptance to the Practical Nursing Program