This course is designed to introduce terms relevant to Kinesiology for those students interested in the field of Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) or Physical Therapists (DPT). In this course, you will learn the medical terminology used in PTA and DPT programs. You will be introduced to proper terminology associated with anatomical and directional landmarks, as well as muscle origin and insertion. Content includes proper pronunciation and usage of the terms dealing with structure muscle actions, planes, types of joints, types of muscles, origin/insertion/action of muscles, and a general concept of kinesiology. The in-class and interactive component consists of instruction and activities that include the study of human anatomy and physiology via software and quantitative study. This course will provide students with an appreciation of the design, balance, and capability of the human body and its related terminology.
Credit Hours: Lecture-3, Lab-1, Credits-4 Prerequisite(sJ: BIO135 Anatomy & Physiology I