This course expands on the cognitive, technical, interpersonal, and communication skills presented in NUR 121 and NUR 122. The nursing care of clients with hematopoietic and lymphatic system disorders, degenerative neurological and spinal cord disorders, altered immune systems, cancer, genitourinary and reproduction system disorders, disrupted musculoskeletal dysfunction, and eye and ear disorders are discussed. An overview of the nurse’s role in disaster and emergency preparedness is presented. Preparation for NCLEX-PN® is ongoing throughout the course. The clinical experiences expand on student knowledge, skills, and abilities in providing safe, competent, therapeutic care to a client throughout the lifespan with a variety of health care problems. The student will integrate leadership and management concepts taught in NUR 132: Role Development of the Practical Nurse II into clinical practice. The student’s clinical learning experience will also include team nursing in a long-term care setting and focused medication administration in an acute care setting.
Contact Hours: Lecture-105, Lab-0, Clinical-240 Credits-11
Prerequisite (sJ: NUR 117 Pharmacology for Practical Nurses I, NUR 106 Introduction to Nursing Practice, NUR 110 Role Development of the Practical Nurse I, NUR 121 Nursing Practice I, NUR 118 Intravenous Therapy, NUR 122 Nursing Practice II, NUR 119 Pharmacology for Practical Nurses II