This course introduces the student to general as well as specific principles of pharmacology and medication administration while integrating pharmacological terminology, mathematics, and calculations. The various methods of preparing and administering medications are explored and practiced. Emphasis is placed on the legal aspects, personal responsibility, accountability, and professional ethics associated with medication administration. This course begins the presentation of medication classifications by body system. The indications for use, actions, side effects, contraindications, interactions, and nursing interventions for each medication class are presented. The course stresses the importance of the role of the LPN in safe and efficient medication administration including the value of communication, and documentation.
Contact Hours: Lecture – 15, Lab – 30 Credits – 2
Prerequisite (sJ: NUR 106 Introduction to Nursing Practice, NUR 110 Role Development of the Practical Nurse I
Corequisite(sJ: NUR118 Intravenous Therapy