Looking for a Cannabis Science Degree? See What P.I.T. Has to Offer!

February 22, 2024

cannabis science degree and marijuana science degree

If you’re eager to explore the intricacies of the marijuana field, a cannabis plant science degree might be right for you. Our program includes a comprehensive curriculum that gives you the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in this rapidly evolving industry.

The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology provides you with a career-focused education by utilizing a hands-on learning approach within our cannabis science degree programs. So, no matter what your future goals are, we’re prepared to help you reach them. 

Our Cannabis Science Courses at P.I.T.

For those with a keen interest in the marijuana industry, enrolling in a marijuana science degree or related program can help you develop the multifaceted skill set necessary for a thriving career. That’s why P.I.T. is proud to offer three different cannabis degrees that can each help you gain a better understanding of the plant’s composition, benefits, and global impact.

Our cannabis programs include:

  • Cannabis horticulture – Our cannabis horticulture program prepares graduates to start their own businesses, work for a dispensary, or manage a growing and extraction operation. In this marijuana plant science degree program, you’ll also be exposed to all levels of a grow operation, including an examination of the botany, cultivation, and extraction features.
  • Cannabis health therapy – Discover the therapeutic aspects of the medical cannabis industry with our health therapy program. Plus, explore a rewarding career in cannabis healthcare and learn more about the chemical composition of marijuana, as well as how it can contribute to relieving a patient’s ailments.
  • Cannabis business – Students enrolled in this program will be exposed to all levels of vertically integrated business models, which include the science, botany, marketing, and accounting aspects of a cannabis business. After graduating with a cannabis business degree, you can pursue a role as a dispensary manager, edibles specialist, cannabis health advisor, and beyond.

Our programs also offer an array of courses designed to further expand your knowledge of the field. For example, if you’re interested in cannabis plant science courses, know that we offer a “Science of Medical Cannabis” class in all three of our degree programs. This course involves examining both the pharmacology and endocannabinoid system of cannabis.

Additionally, you’ll be immersed in the science of cannabis with topics including pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism, drug interactions, and more. These focuses in our marijuana plant science courses will help you to later identify different strains of marijuana and understand which works best for various health issues.

Benefits of Pursuing a Career in the Cannabis Industry

Our cannabis science degree can provide a multitude of advantages for students looking to pursue a career in this flourishing industry. Alongside establishing yourself as a leader in the field, you’ll reap benefits such as:

  • Contributing to innovation and the development of new products
  • Gaining access to entrepreneurial venture and start-up opportunities
  • Making a social impact on the world, such as addressing and promoting responsible use
  • Practicing sustainable efforts that promote environmentally healthy initiatives

How Our Cannabis Plant Science Courses Stand Out at P.I.T.

At the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, we pride ourselves on setting our students up for success. That’s why our cannabis science courses are taught in small class sizes, allowing for individual attention and flexible instruction.

In addition to our impressive student-to-faculty ratio, we supply the following as you pursue your cannabis plant science degree:

  • Financial aid opportunities
  • Programs catered to students’ individual needs
  • Online or in-class learning environments

Get Started on Your Cannabis Plant Science Degree Today

Our team is dedicated to preparing students for their rewarding careers via our marijuana science courses. So if you’re ready to start pursuing your cannabis science degree, apply today or contact our team for more information!