General Studies Associate Degree

General Studies is an interdisciplinary degree that enables you to explore courses and programs without the obligation to fulfill a specific major’s requirements. Instead, the program allows you to customize your program based on your interests and career plans. You will explore a broad range of subjects, including business, health care, computer science, engineering, criminal justice, and behavioral science.

Find out more about P.I.T.’s General Studies associate degree and why it will put you on a path to a great future!

About Our Online General Studies Associate Degree

As a result of this broad, personalized course of study, you will develop diverse skill sets. The degree signifies to employers that you are a highly capable, well-rounded individual who can accomplish complex tasks independently and as part of a team. With a degree grounded in the liberal arts, you’ll also bring valuable oral and written communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and computer skills to your future roles.

Flexible scheduling options – including online and blended learning, as well as day and evening classes – provide convenience and the ability to earn your associate degree in as little as 18 months. If you wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree after earning your A.S. in General Studies, you’ll have the advantage of a smooth transfer to a four-year university.

How P.I.T. Supports Students Who Are Completing Their Online General Studies Degree

At P.I.T., we want our students to be ready for any opportunity, and our General Studies associate degree gives them access to a variety of courses while fostering the necessary skills for any field.

Throughout students’ journeys within their general studies online classes, we offer free peer and professional tutoring services. Students can either make an appointment with us or drop in whenever they need help. We strive to help our students in any way possible so that they can be successful in their classes.

In addition to providing support alongside General Studies associate degree coursework, P.I.T. offers job placement services so students can get the job or internship they want. These services include:

  • Job search coaching
  • Resume assistance
  • Mock interviews
  • Lifelong assistance even after graduation

Apply to P.I.T. for Your Online General Studies Associate Degree

Ready to apply for your online general studies degree? Here are the steps to take:

  1. Complete an application online – You can easily apply online, and our applications are accepted anytime throughout the year.
  2. Schedule an admissions appointment – After applying, an admissions representative will reach out to you to schedule a virtual or in person tour. 
  3. Provide proof of high school graduation – You will need to provide a high school transcript and test scores for a GED to our admissions department. 
  4. Take an assessment test – This test will measure your abilities in writing, reading, math, and science.
  5. Complete your financial aid forms – Submit your financial aid information and a financial aid advisor will contact you.

If you have any questions throughout the admissions process, feel free to reach out to our friendly admissions staff.

Begin Your Academic Career at P.I.T. Today

Have questions about our online General Studies associate degree? Feel free to contact us today so we can help you!

Upon successful completion of the General Studies program, graduates should be able to:

  • Identify, analyze, and integrate information as part of appropriate tasks
  • Evaluate principles of critical thinking in the process of developing solutions
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently in a variety of methods including written, oral, persuasive, and process-oriented formats
  • Analyze cultural and social issues within a national and global context
  • Demonstrate effective use of technology appropriate to the task
  • Demonstrate the ability to locate sources, evaluate validity, and ensure appropriateness
  • Use and document sources and evidence in an ethical manner
  • Apply mathematical techniques to the analysis of quantitative problems
  • Describe how the scientific method is used to generate new knowledge.