For 22-year-old Brianna Scott, the path to a career as a sonographer would allow her the ability to see things that others might consider hidden — and as part of the inaugural cohort in P.I.T.’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography program, she was exercising that skill to see a hidden gem from the moment she applied!

Brianna, a native of Drexel Hill and a Cardinal O’Hara grad, found P.I.T. after she searched high and low locally for a school close to home that offered a DMS program. She sought out a career as a sonographer because she truly believes “it’s an evolving career with endless opportunities.

She feels strongly that P.I.T. was the right choice for her, hands down.

“The program has been a great learning experience so far. I’ve learned so much with my classes and lab time and especially clinical. My favorite part is going to clinical and applying everything I’ve learned and seeing it in person,” she said.

“When I passed my SPI boards, I felt an enormous amount of relief,” she added. “Knowing that all my hard work paid off in the end was amazing. My future will hopefully have a long-lasting career as a successful sonographer.”