Christopher Sharek has earned an associate degree in Architectural and Civil Engineering and has been awarded the Outstanding Student Award for his hard work and excellent achievement in his field of study. A foundation is the supporting layer of a structure, and in architecture, it is vital to have a strong foundation. Chris’s primary influences are his parents, Bernard and Denise Sharek, who he praises as the hardest working people he has ever met. Because his father is a carpenter, Chris spent time at job sites, watching the evolution of an empty lot to a completed structure, which inspired him to learn more about the field. Chris also relied on the support of his uncle, Jim Bonelli, who welcomed him into his home, which allowed Chris to attend P.I.T. While in school, Chris set about to completing school as fast as he could; this involved taking 27 credits in his last semester while also tutoring at P.I.T., and worked part-time at Acero Precision.