Hello, my name is Gerald, and I’m in the Cannabis Business program. I started my journey at the beginning of 2020. As we all know, it was a difficult time for everyone. So looking for something positive to occupy my time, I came across the program in the newspaper. “PIT is offering a degree in cannabis studies,” read the headline. So I figured I should at least check it out. After attending the zoom Open House, I received all the information I needed to know; this is what I wanted to do.

Growing up, Cannabis has been a part of my life. Most of my peers enjoyed Cannabis for the euphoric feeling, but I experienced something else. The aches and pains of the sickle cell were gone. I was managing my pain so well that trips to the hospital had stopped entirely. It helped the quality of my life so much that I often forgot I had the disease. This was when I realized it’s more than just a plant. There’s a healing element to Cannabis.

Fast forward to today, I’ve discovered more health benefits of Cannabis than I ever imagined. For example, did you know, Cannabis has neurogenesis capabilities? In other words, it has the power to create new brain cells. And to think, I was told I was wasting them.

My goal is to finish the program and help grow the industry. Help other people who are dealing with pain, anxiety, and depression. So many things can separate society. I’m a firm believer that Cannabis is one of the things to bring us together. Thanks for getting to know me.