Physical Therapist Assistant

Notice on PTA Program at P.I.T.:

After much review, P.I.T.’s Physical Therapist Assistant program will no longer admit new students beginning in January 2024.

Current students will be able to continue their coursework, through a teach out plan, to earn their degree. A teach-out plan will allow current students to successfully complete the program on schedule and earn their degree.

If you have additional questions, contact Kelly Thompson, Program Director of PTA, at

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Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Pennsylvania Institute of Technology is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 3030 Potomac Ave., Suite 100, Alexandria, Virginia 22305-3085; telephone: 703-706-3245; email:; website:  The program’s current status is probationary accreditation; for more information see  If needing to contact the program/institution directly, please call 610-892-1500 or email

Course Code Course Name Credits
BIO135 Anatomy and Physiology I 4.00
BIO136 Anatomy and Physiology II 4.00
MTH145 College Algebra and Trigonometry 3.00
PSY105 Introduction to Psychology 3.00
PSY109 Human Growth and Development 3.00
BIO145 Introduction to Physical Therapy Kinesiology 4.00
PTA102 Introduction to Physical Therapy 3.00
PTA116 Therapeutic Procedures I 3.00
PTA135 Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology 4.00
ENG108 English Composition 3.00
ENG215 Analytical Writing 3.00
PTA130 Diseases of the Human Body 3.00
PTA231 Therapeutic Exercise 3.00
PTA233 Special Populations 2.00
MOT115 Healthcare in a Trans Cultural Environment 3.00
MTH130 Mathematics for Health Care Professionals 3.00
PTA215 Therapeutic Procedures II 3.00
PTA221 Physical Therapist Assistant Modalities 3.00
PTA225 Orthopedic and Neurological Rehabilitations 4.00
PTA227 Clinical Practice I 4.00
PTA229 Rehabilitation Techniques 3.00
PTA237 Clinical Practice II 6.00
PTA247 Clinical Practice III 6.00
PTA249 PTA Seminar 2.00





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The Physical Therapist Assistant program will:

1.        Provide students with an environment that enables them and acquire practical experience which reflects today’s evidence-based and current physical therapy practice.

2.       Provide a curriculum that is sequential, integrated, and reflective of contemporary Physical Therapist Assistant practice and the changing roles and responsibilities of the Physical Therapist Assistant in the health care delivery system.

3.       To employ faculty who demonstrate current knowledge in the areas they teach, who are committed to the current professional standards of excellence.

4.      Prepare entry-level, competent graduates who are prepared to perform at or better than the national average on the NPTE. (85% or higher two year average pass rate)

5.      Graduate a service-oriented, competent, reflective and ethical student who will perform safely, effectively, and efficiently as an entry-level clinician under the direction and supervision of a licensed physical therapist.

6.      Provide a variety of clinical education settings to facilitate the development of student competence with clinical skills.

7.       Recruit, admit and graduate a diverse body of students and demonstrate a two year average of 60% or more graduating.

8.      Provide students the necessary entry-level skills to transition from education to employment with an employment rate of at least 90%.

9.      Maintain professional accreditation with the Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) as outlined in the Standards of Required Elements for Accreditation of Physical Therapist Assistant Education Programs and the Rules of Practice and Procedures.


Faculty Goals:

The Physical Therapist Assistant Faculty will:

1.        Provide a classroom atmosphere that is supportive of student learning, free from discrimination and respectful of all individuals.

2.       Demonstrate role model behavior and social responsibility to advocate for the profession and act as a resource to students, consumers, and the community.

3.       Provide a PTA curriculum, using evidence-based instruction and assessment techniques.

4.      Maintain a minimum of 75% favorable course evaluations.

5.      Participate in the PTA Program assessment process and associated short and long- term program planning to ensure an optimum and contemporary student learning experience and environment.


Student and Graduate Goals:

Entry-level Physical Therapist Assistants will be able to:


1.      Demonstrate an understanding of their role and scope of practice within the profession and healthcare field.

2.      Demonstrate awareness of ethical behavior, legal responsibility and the PT/PTA professional relationship.

3.      Demonstrate competent communication skills (both verbal and non-verbal) to develop effective interpersonal relationships with patients, families, and colleagues.

4.      Under the direction and supervision of a licensed Physical Therapist, use critical thinking and problem solving skills to select the most appropriate patient care interventions in a safe and legal manner.

5.      Perform physical therapy interventions within the POC, skillfully and safely.

6.      Perform data collection for the physical therapist to use for assessment purposes.

7.      Demonstrate knowledge of the normal structure and function of the human body and understand the physiological and psychological effects of disease and injury.

8.      Recognize the values and beliefs of diverse patient populations and display empathetic responses to the patient.

9.      Successfully pass the NPTE licensure exam and begin practice as an entry-level Physical Therapist Assistant.

10.  Accept responsibility for life-long learning including professional and personal growth.

Two Year Outcome Date 2020 2021 2-Year Average
Graduation Rate
(60% of students who enter the PTA Program will graduate within three years) 82.60% 76.50% 79.55%
At least 90% of Graduates Were Employed in Physical Therapy Within 6 Months of Passing the National Physical Therapist Assistant Licensure Examination 92.80% 90% 92.40%
First Time Pass Rate 47.10% 27.30% 37.20%
Ultimate Pass Rate of at least 85% for P.I.T. PTA Graduates Who Took the National Physical Therapist Assistant Licensure Examination 73.70% 72.70% 73.20%

Updated 2/2022

Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson

Director of Health Science