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Earning a degree in Healthcare Management will give you the skills and qualifications needed to successfully manage a health care facility. The curriculum provides students with the most relevant business skills, a thorough understanding of complex health care issues, health care law and ethics, medical billing and coding, insurance and reimbursement as well as oral and written communication and critical thinking skills. The Healthcare Management program is designed for the individual interested in pursuing an entry-level career and for the student seeking to transfer to a four year college or university.

Students who hold a degree in Health Care Management can work in many areas, including:
  • Clinics
  • Consulting firms
  • Health insurance organizations
  • Healthcare associations
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Physician practices
  • Mental health organizations
  • Public health departments
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Skilled nursing facilities

Curriculum Summary

Program Objectives

Health Care Managers perform various managerial roles in a myriad of health care organizations. They primarily plan, direct and oversee the operations and employees of a health care enterprise.

P.I.T.’s Health Care Management is an innovative approach to provide students with fundamental skills in management, business, health care information, anatomy and physiology, health care law and ethics, medical billing and coding and insurance and reimbursement – all essential functions required to be a successful health care manager.

The health care management field depends upon on confident leaders capable of leading health care organizations. In addition, P.I.T.’s Health Care Management program provides students with skills in critical thinking, oral and written communication, computer applications, understanding financial statements, managing complex projects and managing a health care organization toward financial sustainability.

The Health Care Management curriculum provides students with the most relevant business skills, a thorough understanding of complex health care issues and confidence in addressing complex issues in the management of a health care organization today and in the future.

Student Learning Outcomes
Health Care Management graduates should be able to:
  • Comprehend the breadth and scope of health care management,
  • Understand the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology,
  • Apply critical thinking skills to courses in the program of study,
  • Demonstrate competency in basic office software applications,
  • Effectively communicate orally and in writing,
  • Demonstrate competency in mathematics commonly used in the health care profession,
  • Understand the basic classification of diseases and apply the applicable codes for reimbursement to these diseases,
  • Demonstrate an understanding the cultural differences applicable to the delivery of health care services,
  • Understand the importance of health care laws and ethical behavior,
  • Apply the fundamentals of sound management practices,
  • Develop and provide the leadership of important projects,
  • Understand financial statements and the principles of financial sustainability
  • Apply the principles of strategic management in health care.

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Health Care Management
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