Autopsy Technician Certificate

This new certificate program offers you a unique path to advance your interest in the medical field while gaining valuable experience and credentials that can propel your career forward. There are no other programs like this in the tri-state area—or beyond.

Considering a future in medical school? Becoming an Autopsy Technician provides an excellent foundation.

The autopsy technician program opens doors for you to become a pathology assistant or medical examiner. This is the first program of its kind in the tri-state area, setting you apart in a competitive field.

You’ll complete the 15-credit program over the course of just two terms, positioning yourself for success in a rapidly growing sector.

Take the leap and become part of an innovative approach to medical training!

Careers with an Autopsy Technician Certificate

Autopsy Technicians are trained professionals who work alongside pathologists, morticians or medical examiners. They help take care of deceased bodies to prepare them for burial or cremation. They also assist in performing many tests and examinations to determine the cause of death or for evidence in criminal cases.

Some career options with a Autopsy Technician certificate include working as:

  • Autopsy Technician

Why Choose the Autopsy Technician Certificate Program at P.I.T.?

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology’s Autopsy Technician certificate provides clinical education and classroom instruction that prepares students for a job in the industry.

Some additional benefits of P.I.T. include:

  • Job placement opportunities – We offer personalized job placement assistance for each student to help them find exciting opportunities. Some of our services offered include job search coaching, resume and cover letter assistance, interview techniques, and more.
  • College transfer – Our school has transfer agreements with select accredited colleges to help facilitate efficient transfer processes. It’s our priority to ensure every credit earned is maximized while minimizing the cost.
  • Expert faculty – Students will have the opportunity to work and learn alongside healthcare professionals with extensive experience in clinical settings.

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Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:
  • Proficiency in Autopsy Procedures: Graduates should be proficient in conducting autopsies, including external examination, internal examination, and proper handling of specimens.
  • Understanding of Anatomy and Physiology: Develop a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy and physiology to accurately identify and assess pathological conditions.
  • Knowledge of Forensic Pathology Principles: Acquire knowledge of forensic pathology principles and practices to effectively contribute to medicolegal investigations.
  • Skills in Specimen Collection and Preservation: Gain skills in collecting, preserving, and documenting biological specimens for further analysis and forensic investigation.
  • Safety and Infection Control: Understand and adhere to safety protocols and infection control measures to minimize risks associated with handling biological specimens and infectious diseases.
  • Communication and Documentation: Develop effective communication skills to interact with pathologists, law enforcement officials, and other healthcare professionals and maintain accurate documentation of autopsy findings.
  • Ethical and Legal Considerations: Understand ethical principles and legal regulations governing autopsy procedures, patient confidentiality, and the handling of sensitive information.
  • Team Collaboration: Collaborate effectively with multidisciplinary teams, including pathologists, forensic scientists, and law enforcement personnel, to facilitate accurate determination of cause and manner of death.
  • Career Opportunities: Graduates will be well-equipped to pursue careers as autopsy technicians in medical examiner offices, forensic laboratories, hospitals, and other healthcare settings.
  • Contribution to Justice and Public Health: By assisting in the investigation of suspicious deaths, graduates play a crucial role in serving justice and public health by providing accurate and reliable forensic evidence.
  • Professional Growth and Development: The program provides opportunities for professional growth and development through hands-on training, continuing education, and networking with professionals in the field.
  • Job Satisfaction: Autopsy technicians often find fulfillment in their work by contributing to the resolution of complex cases and helping families find closure in the face of tragedy.
  • Competitive Salary and Benefits: Careers in forensic pathology and related fields offer competitive salaries and benefits, making it a financially rewarding profession.
  • Personal Fulfillment: For individuals passionate about science, medicine, and criminal justice, working as an autopsy technician can offer a sense of personal fulfillment by applying their skills to serve society.
  • Contribution to Medical Research: Autopsy findings contribute valuable data to medical research, leading to advancements in understanding diseases, treatment modalities, and preventive measures.
These objectives and benefits collectively prepare graduates to excel in their roles as autopsy technicians and make meaningful contributions to the field of forensic pathology and public health.