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General Studies

General Studies is an interdisciplinary degree that enables you to explore courses and programs without the obligation to fulfill the requirements of a specific major. Instead, the program allows you to customize your program based on your interests and career plans, as you explore a broad range of subjects – from business, health care, and computer science, to engineering, criminal justice, and behavioral science.

As a result of this broad, personalized study, you will develop diverse skill sets. The degree signifies to employers that you are a highly capable, well-rounded individual who can accomplish complex tasks, independently and as part of a team. With a degree grounded in the liberal arts, you’ll also bring valuable oral and written communications skills, critical thinking abilities, and computer skills.

Flexible scheduling options – including online and blended learning, as well as day and evening classes – provide convenience and the ability to earn your associate degree in as little as 18 months. If you wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree after earning your A.S. in General Studies, you’ll have the advantage of a smooth transfer to a four-year university.

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Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of the General Studies program, graduates should be able to:

  • Identify, analyze, and integrate information as part of appropriate tasks
  • Evaluate principles of critical thinking in the process of developing solutions
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently in a variety of methods including written, oral, persuasive, and process-oriented formats
  • Analyze cultural and social issues within a national and global context
  • Demonstrate effective use of technology appropriate to the task
  • Demonstrate the ability to locate sources, evaluate validity, and ensure appropriateness
  • Use and document sources and evidence in an ethical manner
  • Apply mathematical techniques to the analysis of quantitative problems
  • Describe how the scientific method is used to generate new knowledge.
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Prepare for Success
Management Studies students in classroom

The General Studies program enables you to immediately join the workforce in an entry-level position with greater growth opportunities and/or earn a bachelor’s degree at many of the area’s colleges and universities.

Student Success Story
Photo of Christopher Sharek
Christopher Sharek Architectural / Civil Engineering Technology Graduated: May 2014

Christopher Sharek has earned an associate degree in Architectural and Civil Engineering and has been awarded the Outstanding Student Award for his hard work and excellent achievement in his field of study. A foundation is the supporting layer of a structure, and in architecture, it is vital to have a strong foundation. Chris’s primary influences are his parents, Bernard and Denise Sharek, who he praises as the hardest working people he has ever met. Because his father is a carpenter, Chris spent time at job sites, watching the evolution of an empty lot to a completed structure, which inspired him to learn more about the field. Chris also relied on the support of his uncle, Jim Bonelli, who welcomed him into his home, which allowed Chris to attend P.I.T. While in school, Chris set about to completing school as fast as he could; this involved taking 27 credits in his last semester while also tutoring at P.I.T., and worked part-time at Acero Precision.

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