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Hybrid (Blended) Learning

Hybrid, or blended learning, courses combine traditional classroom instruction with the benefits of more flexible scheduling.


Associate Programs

Allied Health-Clinical Medical Assistant

Clinical Medical Assistants are vital members of the healthcare team, and work to administer medications, assist with minor procedures, obtain laboratory specimens, perform electrocardiograms, provide patient education, and much more.

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Allied Health-Practical Nursing

Receive an exceptional education and training to successfully pass the NCLEX exam to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

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Allied Health-Pre Nursing

Strengthen your skills in a program specifically designed to prepare you for acceptance into the competitive Practical Nursing program.

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Cannabis Business

Acquire specialized business skills for the medical cannabis industry that can make your resume stand out from the crowd.

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Cannabis Health Therapy

From planting the seed to relieving a patient’s ailments, learn the healing side of the medical cannabis industry.

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Cannabis Horticulture

This program aims to provide committed learners with quality, collegiate, and career-enhancing Cannabis-based horticulture education in a supportive environment that promotes personal growth and prepares graduates for successful careers and college transfer opportunities.

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General Studies

Design a program based on your career interests and goals as you explore courses across a broad range of academic disciplines.

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Health Care Management with Coding Academy

Gain the essential skills needed to become a capable, successful manager within the dynamic, growing heath care industry.

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Health Science

Build a solid academic foundation to further pursue education in more specialized health care programs.

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Psychology and Behavioral Health

Our Psychology and Behavioral Health Degree prepares you for careers in various fields, including human resources, social work, counseling, management, and many more!

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