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Hybrid (Blended) Learning

Hybrid, or blended learning, courses combine traditional classroom instruction with the benefits of more flexible scheduling.

Management Studies

Business Management

Learn the fundamental concepts and skills needed to succeed as a leader in a large business or your own start-up.

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General Studies

Design a program based on your career interests and goals as you explore courses across a broad range of academic disciplines.

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Health Care Management

Gain the essential skills needed to become a capable, successful manager within the dynamic, growing heath care industry.

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Allied Health Studies

Allied Health–Medical Billing & Coding

Acquire the knowledge and training to begin your career in one of the most essential jobs as a health care provider.

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Allied Health–Clinical Medical Assistant

Prepare for a direct patient care position working side by side with a physician or other health care professionals.

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Computer & Engineering Studies

Biomedical Equipment Engineering

Prepare for a challenging career troubleshooting, diagnosing, repairing, and calibrating sophisticated biomedical equipment.

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Computer Science

Train as a software engineer and take advantage of the immense opportunities in the exciting field of information technology.

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Computer Support Engineering

Develop the technical and problem-solving skills needed to troubleshoot, upgrade, and repair a variety of computing devices.

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Computer-Aided Design

Develop the skills to turn your mechanical designs into machine ready diagrams.

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Learn basic engineering principles and design to prepare you for a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines.

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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Acquire the specialized knowledge and professional skills needed to begin a successful career in a highly rewarding field.

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Health & Wellness Studies

Behavioral Health

Gain the knowledge and skills for a career dedicated to helping others as a behavioral health technician or specialist.

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Early Childhood Education

Earn the degree you need to move up the Quality Early Learning Career Lattice.

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Health Science

Build a solid academic foundation to further pursue education in more specialized health care programs.

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Aabbas Abdulmalik

Abbas Abdulmalik

Program Manager, Computer Science 

Professor Abdulmalik is an Egyptian-American, born and raised in Philadelphia who graduated from the prestigious Central High School of Philadelphia, and went on to study Engineering Physics at Cornell University. After several years of exploring his interests, he changed his major and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Thomas Edison State College.

After working in industry at General Electric’s Space Division in King of Prussia, and at SolaVolt International in Newark Delaware, Abbas discovered his real passion was teaching. Abbas joined P.I.T. in 1992 to teach electronics and microcomputers. In 1999 he co-founded netX, Inc., a computer consulting company, and left P.I.T. for several years to help run the company.

Abbas returned to P.I.T. in 2004, and has played a key role in modernizing P.I.T.’s Computer Science curriculum. His current obsession is teaching students to build their own apps!